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Why Belle Erotic?

My name is Belle. Belle Erotic is my mission statement.

Eroticism is energy. It fuels us, motivating us to change, grow and become more, to connect with others and with ourselves in new ways. I have always felt the tug of eroticism and have been enthralled by the power it exerts in shaping the course of human lives. 

I believe the fear and stigma around eroticism, whether inherited from our parents, religious authorities, schools or wider cultural influences, are an indication of its power. Erotic empowerment threatens established hierarchies – it disrupts external influence and allows us to consciously deconstruct and reconstruct our individual and relational identities.  

I have experienced personal transformation through peak erotic experience. I have felt things that were outside of my imagining, and the chance of facilitating, witnessing and participating in such experiences for others is thrilling and humbling.

The specifics are unique for each of us – the erotic, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I would be totally honoured to be a part of your erotic journey, whether you are taking baby steps filled with nervous excitement or have spent decades deep sea diving in the darkest waters.

A little bit about me

I am a 30-year-old Australian born advocate for pleasure and play. I absolutely adore working with clients to create intimate and erotic experiences that are nourishing and transformative. 

Curiosity about how we discover and define ourselves through relationships has taken me through a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Linguistics (I have heard all of the cunning-linguist jokes ;-0) and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. My love of all things embodied drew me to study Lomi Lomi massage, a huge influence on my flowing dynamic approach to erotic bodywork. I have also completed the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program and in 2021 qualified as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker. 

My professional life is guided by my firm belief in the healing power of conscious touch, breath and movement. This is what initially drew me to yoga in my early 20s, what anchors my awareness in sensation when I'm dancing, and what continues to power my passion for facilitating connected, captivating sex. Doing this work has helped me get to know myself better, as I see different parts of myself reflected in each relationship I engage in. I take it as a privilege when you share yourself with me. Whether you're clear on what you are looking for, or just beginning to feel into it, I would love to get a sense of you and your desires before we meet so we can make sure we are a good fit. 

My hope is that our time together is a refuge where your hidden parts can come up for air, where you can safely surrender to passion and discover a deeper capacity for creativity and connection so that it might flow into the rest of your life. 

My Approach
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