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Erotic Enrichment

For learning and self development that will reverberate through your erotic and intimate life. 

Education and growth doesn't have to be boring or stressful. It can be playful and sexy - especially when the subject is sex! Humans learn best when excited and engaged, when practice is pleasurable and acts as positive reinforcement in and of itself. That is what my intention is with erotic enrichment sessions. 

Do you want to...

  • Learn how to have more control over your arousal and orgasm?

  • Get out of your head and experience more sensation and pleasure?

  • Learn new kinds of orgasm?

  • Build confidence in your sexual skills (touch/ massage, oral, kissing, intercourse)?

  • Work on your body image?

  • Practice tuning into whats happening for the other person during sex?

  • Have support with your sexuality and pleasure through stress, ageing, illness or injury? 

Erotic Enrichment sessions are a form of interactive sex coaching. Sessions are structured, and guided at all times by your learning objective and what you decide is best for you. After an initial chat, we will start with an embodiment exercise (perhaps a guided body scan or some movement), followed by a main practice piece (a touch based game, erotic bodywork, and some time for integration before finishing the session. Throughout, we will slow things down so there is time to notice and reflect. 

They are informed by my training in sexological bodywork, somatic sex education, psychology, embodied counselling, and a range of embodiment and erotic practices. 

These sessions will not look like a traditional erotic (or sex work) encounter. Orgasm is not the goal! But along the way sex and relationships will start to feel less scary and intimidating as you learn new skills and new ways of being yourself. 



Erotic Enrichment sessions are 90 minutes.

They can be booked as single sessions or as a bundle. Committing to a series of sessions, allows for a discounted rate when paid up front. This is intended to support your learning – it allows us to build rapport and encourages repetition, reinforcement and neural rewiring.  

90 mins

800AUD (3 for 2000AUD)


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