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My name is Belle. I am an erotic service provider based in Melbourne.


Erotic is not my last name, however creating beautiful erotic experiences is something of a mission statement. I offer three kinds of encounter, defined by intention. Erotic Enrichment sessions are learning focused, a co-created blend of education and erotic exploration. A Belle Erotic Experience is about leaning into connection and intimate flow to craft an encounter that stokes and sates your desire. Belle Embodied is a curated experience of sensation and surrender that excites and awakens your pleasure body while quieting the mind.

Whatever container we meet in, I apply my curiosity to discovering what makes you smile, smoulder, soften or (perhaps) squirm. I invite you to get equally curious about me, my uninhibited expressiveness and delight in the delicate dance through anticipation, erotic escalation, rapturous ecstasy and entwined epilogue.

What I offer

Bespoke erotic experiences geared towards leisure or learning

Belle Companion

Let's get to know each other! Whether you're interested in a quick and frisky frolic in the sheets or to have me to yourself for an extended rendezvous, I am available for a variety of leisure focused encounters.


Extensive passion fuelled practice has honed my natural capacity for connection. From conversation to caresses, carnality to cuddles, I'm a consummate companion. 

Belle Embodied

Erotic extravagance! A curated journey that uses somatic tools and embodied connection to build arousal and allow you to expand your embodied erotic experience. 

Get in touch to receive something truly indulgent, to experience how esoteric erotic practices, risque ritual, sensual bodywork and sensory exploration can transport you out of your head and into your pleasure body.

Erotic Enrichment

These sessions are learning focused and informed by my training in sexological bodywork, sacred sexuality, embodied counselling and somatic regulation strategies.

Together we build our capacity to stay present with each other and our own present moment experience, communicate what feels good (and doesn't), and make sex better for everyone!


Contact Me

Interested? I would love to hear from you so we can find out how best to connect. Please include your name, contact details, what kind of experience you are interested in and preferred day/ time for a session. 

Thank you!

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