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Doubles and moresomes

Sometimes more is more. More bodies, more hands, more mouths, more moans and groans, more minds concocting more ways to bring more pleasure to the equation. 

With that in mind, let me introduce you to some of my favourite play mates... 


Marina Lee

Marina is the whole package - they are stunning to look at (with natural hair where it counts), curious in conversation, sensually gifted and a virtuosically versatile lover. I absolutely adore how easily we can flow from soft slow kisses to strap-on play and spanking, respectable in a restaurant to role plays and restraints. I think you will too. 


Daisy Delaney

What to say about Miss Daisy!? At once ethereal and utterly down to earth, Daisy gives pixie dream girl meets modern libertine. Together we’re inclined to create a pleasure puddle. Be warned - if you’re lucky enough to join us you might find it very difficult to reconstitute yourself to get out the door. 


Eden Moore

Eden is aptly named. A lush and beautiful temptress, she’ll slither around your mind for weeks. Happily, we share a passion for curating extravagant erotic experiences. Erotic hypnosis? Tantric ritual with you at the centre? Orgiastic bacchanal? We’re your girls. 

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Freya Fey

Fear not, brave soul. While Freya is undoubtedly as wicked as she is gorgeous, her calming presence will have you quickly in her thrall so you won’t mind the tortures she metes out. With me as her switchy second, your carnal needs will be aptly tended to. Previous play times have involved predicament bondage, synchronised electrics, VERY taboo role play and kink skill tutoring with a very willing bottom (it’s me!)

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-23 at 14.24.08.jpeg
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