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For clients across the gender spectrum

I have always stated that I offer my services to women, non-binary, trans and gender diverse clients. However, the vast majority of my clients are cis-men. Traditionally, a milieu of systemic economic, social, cultural and historical factors have made erotic services largely inaccessible to people who aren’t in this category. But, the times are a changing (thank goodness). I am also mindful that the barriers that exist within the systems that uphold patriarchy are reflected in the internalised narratives and beliefs of individuals.

My hope is that by having a specialised invitation, someone who might have written off erotic services as “not for them”, will feel welcome to explore. It has been my privilege to move through life in an able white body. I have been able to explore queerness, non-monogamy and sex work while passing as largely normative. It feels important to me to offer a space where a variety of gender and sexual expressions and identities are welcome and can be safely cultivated.

I work in an embodied client-led way, where eroticism is in the eye of the beholder. I would love to support you in conscious exploration in erotic enrichment sessions, through erotic bodywork, playing with power and role or by sharing an intimate date.

Instead of following the traditional narrative arc of Hollywood sex (which largely portrays a very specific kind of intimacy), we write our own script. Sessions need not involve a lot of physical interaction or any genital touch – everything is optional and tailorable to where you are in your erotic journey, where you find yourself on the day. By leaving expectations fluid and open we can access new possibilities. We get to learn about each other and ourselves.

If you feel as though I am speaking to you, get in touch for an initial conversation. Scaled rates are available.

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